“Dear Susan, Thanks so much for the great massage today. I always feel so much better after a session with you. You are one of the best massage therapists I have been to in the twenty-five years of going for massage! Having a massage is my way of hitting the RESET button for not only my body, but also for my mind and spirit. Massage not only clears toxins and physical discomfort, my body gets important attention and positive acknowledgment for all the great things it does for me on a minute to minute, day to day basis. Massage is my gift to myself. It is not something I do as an indulgence, massage is a necessity to care for and nurture that body, mind and spirit connection. Thanks for your healing ways and your very positive energy.”

Rose, Norwood, PA [divider]

“I will absolutely credit Susan’s massages for allowing me to stay as active as I do and continue to participate at a high level, whether running, cycling, trekking some foreign land, or just feeling up for a crazy challenge.  The benefits of massage are many.  The benefits of massage for a 50 + athlete are priceless.”

Jim, Swarthmore, PA [divider]

“I cannot imagine that heaven is better than a massage by Susan Graves.  She is by far the best massage therapist I have ever encountered.  She expertly combines an impressive knowledge of the human body—its structure, mechanics, physiology—with a deep understanding of how stress or injury can manifest—and ultimately chooses from a menu of very effective techniques that she employs to repair, rejuvenate and refresh.  Hell must be not having access to her massages.”

Christopher Harris, Wallingford, PA [divider]

The experience of having a massage with Susan Graves at Soul Source Massage Therapy is simply put, a gift, from start to finish.  From the coziness and beauty of her office space, to the soft lighting, gentle music, you are at once transported to a place, out of the head and into the body/being-ness that can come from being supported by a skilled practitioner.  And skilled she is . . . Susan’s touch is that of a well trained and experienced therapist.  When your massage is finished, you’ll know your body and being have received a healing . . . and you know you’ll be back for more.

Clair Oaks, Artist/Musician, Swarthmore, PA www.clairoakscreations.com [divider]

“One of my favorite aspects of Thai massage is the deep stretching that is difficult to achieve without the assistance of another person. It is a very relaxing and comfortable experience that reminds me of the same peaceful feeling that comes from a Svaroopa yoga session.  I always feel like a new person when the session is over – relaxed and gently energized at the same time.”

Laurie, Media, PA [divider]

“I have been a devoted client of Susan Graves for almost ten years, and have sent innumerable friends, family and patients to her for care. The level of care and professionalism is second to none and I always know that Susan will be able help me with the occupational back and neck problems that I have developed over the last 20 years. It is with tremendous gratitude for her expertise and devotion to her craft, that I am able to write this recommendation and with the hope that more people will give Susan the opportunity to improve their lives, as she has done mine.”

Dean F. Sophocles D.M.D., Swarthmore, PA [divider]

“This place is the BEST you’ll find!  For anyone like me, who works out on a regular basis, these massages are a must.  They definitely help to soothe and heal the overworked muscles.  Susan is awesome, always pays attention to individual complaints that crop up. Sometimes, it’s the neck, the shoulders, the back, that will need extra attention.  I highly recommend Soul Source Massage Therapy – they have healing powers!”

Jeanne, West Chester, PA [divider]

“Susan is a professional and gifted body worker. She has a solid foundation in anatomy, and a unique ability to accurately assess areas of muscular or structural stress. With the client’s input, she uses her broad knowledge and experience with many massage modalities to meet specific needs. In my long experience with many types of body workers Susan is without question the best in consistently providing high quality restorative care. I recommend her highly.”

Nicki, Swarthmore, PA [divider]