"I have been a devoted client of Susan graves for almost five years, and have sent innumerable friends, family and patients to her for care. The level of care and professionalism is second to none and I always know that Susan will be able help me with the occupational back and neck problems that I have developed over the last 20 years. It is with tremendous gratitude for her expertise and devotion to her craft, that I am able to write this recommendation and with the hope that more people will give Susan the opportunity to improve their lives, as she has done mine."

Dean F. Sophocles D.M.D. Swarthmore, PA

"Every massage that I receive from Susan is like a non-secular baptism, I feel reborn and ready to start the week with a clean, healthy, stress-free slate. She's awesome!"

Jacquie, Milmont Park, PA

Health Benefits of Massage

Calms the nervous system.

Improves your sense of well-being.

Eases anxiety, depression, and stress.

Releases muscle tension.

Reduces muscle pain and spasm.

Releases endorphins.

Helps to manage chronic pain.

Increases joint flexibility and range of motion so it is good for people with arthritis.

Helps prevent and heal repetitive stress injuries so it is good for people with carpal tunnel syndrome.

Many people believe that massage can aid in increasing longevity. Bob Hope received massage on a regular basis and he believed that it is one of the reasons that he lived so long and was in such good health.

Improves circulation.

Detoxifies body by helping lymphatic system to flush away waste products.

Because it is so beneficial to the lymphatic system, it aids in general health maintenance and prevention of illnesses.

Speeds recovery from sports injuries.

Reduces recovery time from strenuous workouts.

Helps to remove lactic acid from muscles.

Enhances concentration, productivity and alertness, so it is really good for corporate workers and students, and it is good to get a massage before a test.

Relieves headaches and aids in prevention of migraines.

Alleviates all kinds of discomfort during pregnancy.

Helps to decrease edema.

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